A-Z of Fundraising

Fancy doing some fundraising for The Bubble Foundation but not sure where to start? Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas below for inspiration.


Why not put together a sponsored abseil down one of the buildings in your area? Whether it’s just you or a group of friends, it’s a great way to get sponsored.

Beard Shaving

Grab a few of the more hirsute men in your office, school or workplace to shave off their beards, all in the name of charity.

Bubble Blowing Competition

Gather your co-workers together and see who can blow the best bubble! Why not turn it into a tournament and charge for entries? Winner gets a small trophy, and all proceeds go to charity. Use whatever materials you can find to blow the biggest bubble!

Cake Sale

Everyone loves a cake sale. Whether you’re buying or baking, a cake sale is a great way to get everyone involved in your local area and raise lots of money. Better yet, why not have a bubble theme for your cakes? Challenge yourself to make round treats – think bite-sized cake pops!

Dress-up Day

If you’re in school, a non-uniform day will make you rather popular among your classmates! Pay £1 to come to school in regular clothes, with all the money raised going to The Bubble Foundation. If you’re a little older, why not have a theme for your dress-up day? Or if you wear a suit to work, come in your casual clothes.

Eighties Day

Madonna, Duran Duran, Adam and the Ants, the list goes on! Indulge in your favourite decade by holding an 80s themed day. Break out the leg warmers and oversized lapels for a dress-up day or organised party which will take you back in time

Football Match

Charity football teams are all the rage when it comes to raising donations. There are loads of things you can do:

  • Get your colleagues, friends or family to bet on various matches throughout the football season, much like fantasy football, but all proceeds go to charity
  • Organise a friendly 5-a-side game, get viewers to pay for their tickets and get those involved to pay to play – you could even sell home-made half time snacks to raise more funds!

Foam Party

Bring the fun of Ibiza to the UK and host your own foam party! In-keeping with the bubble theme, this is a great way to have fun with your friends, but also a fantastic way to raise money selling tickets. Host this in a local, popular venue for the best turn out, all you need is a DJ, a few drinks and some funky lighting!

Guess the Weight…

A traditional way to raise a bit of money! Place an item – like a jar of old-fashioned sweets or a giant teddy bear in the foyer of your building and get your colleagues and friends to pay to guess the weight of the item. Closest guess wins the item!

Head Shaving

Anyone you know feeling a little brave? Or fancy a new hair cut? Gather some willing participants (and a professional hairdresser) to partake in a sponsored head shave. Guaranteed donations, as well as a few laughs.

Inflatable Fun Day

Put a bounce into your fundraising by holding an ‘inflatable’ day. Using beach balls or inflatable pugil sticks, challenge your friends to a duel (for a fee!)

Jeans Day

Be sponsored to wear jeans to work or school for the day – or even better, get everyone involved!

Kite Flying

Hold a kite flying day for kids. Hire a local outdoor area and let children fly their kites as high as they can. Provide refreshments and make a whole day of it! Charge an entry fee or ask for donations to get those funds soaring.

Leg Wax

This could be one for everyone to enjoy! Sit the men in the chair and let the ladies rip on that unwanted body hair! Get sponsored to be waxed or charge a spectators fee!

Lather Cars

Why not hold a traditional car wash? For a small fee, you and your friends can lather up dirty vehicles and make them squeaky clean.

Mini Marathon

Get sponsored to run five or 10 miles around your local area – get kids involved or just rope in a few extra adults to join in the fun. Even better, once you’re past the half way mark, ask spectators to shower you with bubbles!

Name the Teddy

Buy a cute teddy bear and place it somewhere everyone can see – charge entrants to guess the bear’s name. If they guess correctly, they get to take the bear home!

Odd Clothes Day

Have an odd outfit tucked away at the back of your wardrobe? Great – dig it out and rock it on odd clothes day! Don’t worry, rope in some friends and all look silly together!


Get in touch with a local parachuting company to host your jump for free and get others to sponsor you as you take the leap of your life!

Quiz Night

Looking for something a bit more traditional? Find a local pub that would be happy to host you and your mates. Charge an entry fee with all proceeds going to charity. Winner could even take home a miniature trophy!


Get friends and local companies to donate prizes to your charity raffle – a simple, foolproof way to raise money and have a bit of fun along the way.

Sponsored Silence

Could you talk for England? Perhaps your family and friends would pay good money to make you silent for a day! A sponsored silence is a really easy fundraising activity to organise, a bit of a challenge, and all round good fun!

Surfs Up

One for everyone to enjoy! Continue on with the bubble theme by hiring an inflatable surfboard – or blagging one for free! Charge surfers to show off their skills and donate the profits to The Bubble Foundation.


Similar to a raffle – pop those tickets in a hat and select a lucky winner! Great as part of a bigger fundraising event or fair.

Underage Day

Get everyone in the office to dress like kids! Wear your hair in bunches and draw on some freckles – or bring your own little ones in to the office for the day.


Everyone loves a good movie! Why not host a 24 hour video-a-thon? Play lots of movies over the course of a day and sell tickets – classics, cartoons, comedies, the list is endless!

Who’s That Baby?

Ask your co-workers to bring in their baby snaps and pop them up around the office. For a small fee, people can guess who’s who and the person with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

Xmas Fair / Panto / Party

‘Tis the season to make money! Get your jingle bells on for a Christmas disco or sell home-made wares at a Christmas fair – all in the name of charity.

Yellow Clothes Day

Brighten up your school or office by wearing an entirely yellow outfit for the day, even down to the shoes! Get people to sponsor you or make it a themed non-uniform day, with everyone paying to take part.

Zany Hat Day

Dig out that bad knitted beanie grandma gave you last Christmas and wear it with pride! Get sponsored to wear it for the day, and no cheating!


Zorbing is loads of fun when you get your friends together! Why not contact a local zorbing centre to host you and a willing group? Get sponsors together to support a zorbing marathon – or even zorb on water!