Bike ride raised £685


Tony Martin completed the Virgin Money Cyclone bike ride (104 miles on Saturday 30th June) and if you wish to see him galloping through the lanes of Northumberland on his trusty steed click here.

Tony says: “It was really great to be raising money to help support such a worthy cause for those who may in future be at the Bubble Unit in the Great North Children’s Hospital at the RVI.  I was also happy to finish a personal goal in getting in the 100 miles on the same day.

It was pretty tough but all in all an enjoyable day, we had four seasons of weather in a day to contend with, some of Northumberland’s mightiest hills*, the debris collected on some bits of the road from the rain on Thunder Thursday, strong winds and I had on and off cramp for the last 40 miles.  Managed to get round officially in 9 hours 15m (this time included the four feed station stops) actual cycling time was 8hours 29m so about 12mph average

*sorry mountains – The Cheviots are a  mountain range aren’t they? – well they felt like it when the hailstones came down as we went up!”


What Tony thinks of The Bubble Foundation:

The unit at the RVI doesn’t just look after babies born with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, (SCID) they also look after older children who have immune system deficiencies that need Bone Marrow Transplants and have to be in the sterile environment.  The Bubble Foundation supports the children and babies, their families and carers.  This is especially so when they have to come from other parts of the uk or even overseas to have their child treated here in Newcastle.

The Bubble Foundation tries to make the children and their families stay as comfortable as it possibly can be under the circumstances. Please go to their website to see what they are all about

I would just like to say again a Very Big Thank You to all of you for all your generosity in helping me to achieve this and contributing to a very worthwhile cause.

All of the money raised will go to Bubble Foundation – I hope to do another event later in the year (hopefully another bike ride) to raise money for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust


Tony Martin raised a grand total of £685, Thanks Tony!

Hairy Haggis Marathon – May 2012

On Sunday 27th May in the blistering sunshine 12 RBS Marketing employees took part in the Edinburgh Marathon as three relay teams raising funds for The Bubble Foundation. The brave participants were; Cheryl Daly, Clare Castell, Jane Todd, Jane Wilson, Jennifer Smith, Kelly McIntyre, Nicola Craw, Paul Jeffrey, Rebecca Moore, Sarah Franklin, Shona Crawford and Terry Hughes.

Terry’s nephew Oscar McLaughlin had been admitted to Ward 3 just after Christmas 2011 so she had seen the direct impact of the support The Bubble Foundation provided:

“Everyone at the unit were fantastic at providing my sister and brother-in-law with the medical expertise, support and guidance they needed throughout their stay. As they were all far from home it was comforting to know that Oscar was in the best hands possible and that Olivia and Pearse were so confident in the abilities of all the staff. Ultimately they saved Oscar’s life and as a family we’ll be forever grateful. Running the marathon to raise funds for The Bubble Foundation seemed like a perfect opportunity to show our thanks.”

For the runners it was a shock after months of training in the cold and wet Scottish spring but all made it across the line in one piece – although some dodgy sunburn lines and limps were tell tale signs the following Monday morning!!!

The team raised over £5000 and thanks to the RBS Community Cashback initiative this amount will be doubled.

A sincere thanks to all who took part – brilliant effort and very well done!


A letter from Khadiajh’s Mother

Khadijah was only 7 months when she was diagnosed Omenn like syndrome. She was admitted into Newcastle General Hospital in the bone marrow unit. She was placed in a special sterile unit. We were not allowed to kiss or have facial contact with her, so she didn’t catch any germs from us, as this would have been life threatening for her.

This period in our life was very hard as we were living in Bradford, and had to leave our 10 year old son with his grandparents, to go and stay in Newcastle for Khadijah’s treatment. The Bubble Foundation supported us whilst in Newcastle by giving us accommodation to stay in, which we are very grateful for.

Khadijah was just approaching her first birthday when she had her Bone Marrow Transplant. Her cousin was a perfect match! She got very ill a few weeks after having her Bone Marrow. She had Post BMT pneumonitis and had to be admitted into ICU. We were told by doctors that she might not make it. That night was the most difficult time of our lives. But Khadijah was a fighter! She spent 5 days in the ICU and quickly recovered.

We stayed for a few weeks in Newcastle in the after care home; again this was funded by the Bubble Foundation. We came back to Bradford after 8 months. Khadijah went to the Bradford Royal Hospital for IVIG treatment and was gradually taken of the IVIG and other medication by June 2004.

Khadijah is 8 years old now and is not on any medication! She still has her yearly checks with the consultants in Newcastle. She is healthy bubbly child and is enjoying her life to it fullest! This is thanks to the staff in the BMT unit in Newcastle, the Consultants, and the Bubble Foundation, who do a brilliant job, and have helped us through this very difficult Journey!

Belfast Cycle Ride: 9th June 2012

Paul Dickenson writes:

“This year all participants had a choice of 8 mile, 14 mile or 26 mile routes. All routes started from Loughshore  and went along the tow path as far as Shaws Bridge and back to Loughshore. The weather was not looking good as it had been raining all week, but lucky enough Saturday 9th June 2012 stayed dry and overcast.

This has been the 6th year of the bike ride and most of the people have taken part every year to which I am very grateful. This was the 1st year for Harvey the dog who completed the 8 mile route, Ryan Surgeoner  who completed 26 mile route and Hannah Young who completed 4 miles. They seemed to enjoy the day and will  hopefully will  take part again next year. Refreshments and a finger buffet was supplied by Phyllis and George Dickenson, this is also the 6th year they have had the picnic waiting at the finish line for all taking part.”

London reception 7th July 2012

A reception was held at the Mint Hotel, Tower Bridge London. MP’s, Journalists and Celebrities joined Staff and Families to celebrate the work of the Unit.

It was announced that we have four new patrons, Phillip Schofield, Alexander Millar, Dr Chris Steele  and Steve Harmison.