What we need: Medical equipment

ECP Machine

The Bubble Foundation has received a request from Professor Cant for 50% funding to  purchase an Extracorporeal Photopheresis Machine ( ECP ) which would amount to £27,625. This would enable a new service to be established in our specialist centre and have positive benefits for our patients. Extracorporeal photopheresis is a a process where the patients blood is processed through the machine to expose a group of aggressive and damaging blood cells to an ultraviolet light in order to reduce their potency before being returned to the patient .


Currently patients who require this treatment are required to travel to Rotherham General Hospital which is the nearest service centre to Newcastle. Patients who need ECP are usually quite ill and the long journey to an unfamiliar treatment centre for a short though, repeated treatment can be both physically and emotionally challenging for the child and family who will need to stay overnight in hotel accommodation.  Our sickest children will be admitted overnight to the children’s ward at Rotherham where the specialised care needs of these patients can not be easily met.


It is the usual practice of the BMT unit to ensure that one of our experienced nurses accompany the child during the journey and treatment in Rotherham however this has a significant impact on the nursing capacity on ward 3.  Currently the financial cost of the treatment in Rotherham, includes transport, accommodation and provision of nursing care and on going drug therapies. Travelling to Rotherham for this treatment  over a 12 month period  involves 16 episodes of care ( 32 days ) and has a significant  impact on the already highly complex and difficult quality of life for the children and families


The availability of access to this treatment locally will have a positive impact on the children, adolescents and their families who would be able to access treatment without delay or distress therefore improving their quality of life to a significant degree while allowing other treatments and support to continue along side ECP within the already familiar environment.



We need to raise £27,625

Your support would be much appreciated.